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Materials for workshop at the PyconCz 2019

Put Your Data on the Map with Ease

Materials for workshop at ‘19 Ostrava. Brought to you by


Jupyter Notebooks


Cheat sheets

Data sources


Important note: size of the repository is big (approx. 100 MB), so please download it at home.

For this workshop, you’ll need:

If you already have Python 3 (plain or Anaconda), just install these PIP packages:

jupyter pandas matplotlib plotly==3.7.1 folium xlrd geojson

If not, follow next steps.



Install Python 3. You can follow the tutorial at

Important - If your Windows user name contains spaces or non-english characters (háčky, čárky, кириллица), choose “Customize installation” and choose path that will be outside of “C:\Users\Your name”. Otherwise, some packages might not install properly.

Note: In Linux, you might need to install pip extra. In Ubuntu, use sudo apt install python3-pip.


In console, run

pip3 install --upgrade jupyter pandas matplotlib plotly==3.7.1 folium xlrd geojson

Tip: In Windows, you can start console by pressing the Win key, then typing cmd. You copy into the console with right mouse button.

Installation should finish with words Successfully installed and a list of many packages and their versions.

Installation finished

If the installation finishes differently, you’re probably missing something in system and you need to install it. The error message will contain some hints that you can google.

3. Just before the workshop

Check out the workshop repository (if you have Git)

git clone

Or download it (if you don’t have Git). Look for “Clone or download” button at and choose “Download ZIP”.

Clone or download